A Paperless Office…

A Paperless Office…Stop and think before you print!
A Blog by Amanda Primrose

A lot of people ask me about a paperless office and how to make it happen.

They say they can’t see it happening in their office. They are addicted to their paper. Going paperless is good for your mind. You will need to keep less on your desk and a clear desk is good to promote a clear mind. Less clutter means you can think clearly and be more productive.

Stop and think before you print!

There are some good things to do to get to your paperless office goal:

1. The first thing to do is purchase a 2nd screen for your desk. If you have a laptop put that on a pedestal, grab a spare keyboard and a wireless mouse and add a 2nd screen to your desk. This way you will not need to print so much and you can save time by copying and pasting wording or data to the document or database your are updating.

2. Secondly you need to start saving your documents instead of printing them and filing them. Searching for a digital document is faster and easier than a paper one. Make sure you have:
a. A good computer backup system
b. Good Storage eg: Dropbox, Google docs etc
A good digital filing system. Think about it logically. File your emails the same way. Keep it consistent.

3. Realise how much you print. Stop and think before you print. Do you need to print that off for someone else or can you email it to them. Do you need to file that document physically in a filing cabinet or folder or can you do it electronically.
a. Look at compliance for the ATO, in a court of law, for ASIC etc.Quite often you will find that these entities will take an electronic copy. Check it out.

4. If you really need to print throw it out or shred it afterwards. Stop and think before you print.
a. Get yourself a shredder. They are not expensive! If you think you are going to shred a lot look at how you want to dispose of the waste? If it is not confidential ask your local preschool if they want it. They can use it for craft and other fun projects! Think outside the square!

5. Next, look at what paper comes into your office each day in the mail.
a. Invoices: Ask the company they have come from to email it to you instead.
b. Bank Statements. Download them from electronic banking and store them digitally.
c. Throw out the junk mail as soon as you take it out of the mail box. You don’t need it cluttering up your office.

6. Do you need to keep a physical file on all your clients? Is it a compliance issue? Or do you just traditionally do it? Think carefully before you do this again?

Do you know if you store everything digitally it makes working from home a whole lot easier! If your staff need to be at home because of a sick child then they can work from home too because it is all digital?

The benefits of a paperless office far out way the excuses and traditional rules that used to be in play in the old days!
1. Clear desk = a clear mind. Better productivity.
2. Easier to find digital documents using a search function
3. Digital storage is cheaper than physical storage
4. Saving time by not physically printing and filing the paper

Get with the program and the digital age and go paperless! Remember this will not happen overnight but it can happen in your office if you want it to!

Stop and think before you print!

If you need help going paperless please give me a call!
Good Luck!