About Streamlined Organising

Hi, my name is Amanda and I have created Streamlined Organising because I am passionate about organising and want to help you make your business run smoothly and more efficiently… Streamlined!

My Career…

I have been organising people in different roles for the past 24 years. My experience lies in Payroll, Office Management, Executive Assistant roles and general organising. I am passionate about being organised and planning! I have worked in many different industries and worked with many different companies including: Government, Large Corporate, and specifically Insurance, Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, Accounting, Medical and more.

My Passions…

I am passionate about organising! You already understand that don’t you!! If you have an organised and Streamlined business then you will find it easier to grow and get to those business goals you have set yourself.

I am also passionate about my family and creating an organised house but also being flexible for my children to grow in a confident and loving atmosphere. We can plan and plan but the kids will always find a way to undo this!!

I am proud to be a member of the Sydney Hills Business Chamber and Virtually Yours Virtual Assistance Network.

About Streamlined Organising Virtual Assistants or VA’s

Streamlined Organising VA’s work for mainly small to medium businesses in the local area. Our VA’s are local people with high admin skill levels who need to be flexible with their time because of other work and family. Streamlined is proud to encourage Mum’s back into the workforce when they have been focussing on their small children and families but feel the need to expand themselves and work flexibly at home.

Streamlined VA’s are local people working for local business.

Streamlined Organising VA Deborah Ricketts shares her thoughts…

Having sub-contracted for Streamlined Organising, for over 2 years now I have experienced client in-house support roles and most recently, I work as Streamlined Organising’s very own VA in the most fulfilling role I have had in years.

Why is it fulfilling?

First and foremost, I am working around my children’s busy schedules, finally finding that work-life balance that everyone is seeking. The role is a gift of flexibility and yet it’s imperative to hold yourself accountable, which is easy to do when you enjoy the work, and don’t feel like you are compromising family life /happiness in order to do a job where client’s actually appreciate your work and you can see the difference you make to their business. It also helps when you have the most amazing support from a client like Amanda at Streamlined Organising.

Amanda is so personable and motivating, because she is passionate not only about Streamlined Organising, but about the outcomes for clients, which Streamlined Organising delivers.

Amanda works collaboratively, she offers genuine thought provoking ideas, and we have been able to teach and motivate each other to stretch ourselves.

Amanda is practicing what she preaches and can demonstrate to Streamlined Organising’s clients first hand, the benefits of having a virtual assistant. She understands all too well about effective time management, by taking the minimal time necessary to delegate tasks out to a virtual assistant, you can get on with the more important, and fruitful, aspects of running and growing your business.

A little Snippet about Streamlined Organising…Here is Amanda Primrose presenting at the Sydney Hills Business Chamber Breakfast.