Messy Desk Vs Tidy Desk


Which one are you? The lover of the Messy Desk or the Tidy Desk?

There is a great school of thought that says the lover of the Messy Desk is a creative thinker and that this sort of relaxed atmosphere… Continue reading

Documenting a Process

process documenting

Documenting a process

Documenting a process or creating a procedure helps people or staff to remember how to do a task either they havn’t done before or havn’t done for a while. Why reinvent the wheel everytime you do something… Continue reading

A Paperless Office…

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A Paperless Office…Stop and think before you print!
A Blog by Amanda Primrose

A lot of people ask me about a paperless office and how to make it happen.

They say they can’t see it happening in their office. They… Continue reading

What is a Virtual Assistant?

What is a VA or VSP?

A VA (Virtual Assistant) or VSP (Virtual Service Provider) is a home office based professional who uses electronic technology to perform almost everything an onsite employee can do. The role of the virtual business… Continue reading


The money, the lifestyle or the balance?The money, the lifestyle or the balance?

Jessie J sings, “It’s not about the money, money, money.” She sings “Forget about the price tag.” Should we? What are we about? The money, the lifestyle, or the balance?

Amanda was wondering the same thing when in 2009 the GFC hit and she was made redundant amongst her thousands of other colleagues from a great multinational corporate company. Continue reading