Change is good…Change is hard…Let’s plan to Change

Change is Good…Change is Hard…Let’s Plan to Change


If I have learnt anything lately it is that Change is a good thing and it happens for a reason. That reason may be to help you to learn or just change the “norm” in your life.

Has getting to the point you are at in your business and your life been because you have stayed the same? No! You have made changes along the way. Sometimes changing can be hard. You may have to do it in bite size chunks to obtain your goal. Sometimes you just have to say yes and risk it all in order to Change. This is called moving forward.

Change is a process. When I go and visit an office and they ask me what I would like to do to make it more efficient I talk about Change. Some people find it easier to deal with and some find it hard. It depends on your life experience and where you have come from.

You may need to go through a planning stage before you make the change. Look at the whole of your business and administration and see where things are not working. Implement changes slowly and plan the changes.

These changes will need to be readdressed every 6 months or so. Try to look at the process you have changed as you use it and if needed make more changes to a process as you go. Always update the process or procedure.

As a Professional Organiser I see business owner’s everyday that struggle with the concept of change. People get into a routine and stay that way until things suddenly don’t work anymore and they are pushed into change. This is called working reactively. I was listening to Dermot Crowley speak the other day and he said, ”Are you working reactively in your business or Proactively”. Are you reacting to your clients and the work that comes your way or are you Proactively seeking and planning the work.

Planning change is so much easier to deal with and plan for than reacting to change.

How are you going to plan to change? Take some time out of your day tomorrow or 1 day next week (plan it) and make some good planning decisions. Plan to change.