Do you need a Virtual Assistant or VA?

If you run a business you will need administrative support eventually!
A decision will need to be made whether you can bring on an employee or use a Virtual Assistant to do your administration.

So, what is a Virtual Assistant or VA?
A VA is a home based administration professional who uses electronic technology to perform almost everything an on site employee can do. A VA is similar to A Personal Assistant (PA) or Executive Assistant (EA). They will have administration skills to organise you and your business and to manage your time. Every VA is different and will have different skills. In this age of cloud based software a VA is the perfect solution to any business.

Why should we use a Virtual Assistant or VA?
A VA can save you time so you no longer have to do your administration and you can spend that time on tasks that are important for you and your business. A Streamlined Organising Virtual Assistant is a contractor. No need to employ someone and spend extra money on Superannuation, Workers compensation or holiday leave. Just pay an invoice and leave the rest to us.

What are the more specific tasks that a Virtual Assistant could do?
Have a look at your current administration and look at all the repetitive tasks that you do in your business. A Virtual Assistant or VA can organise and respond to emails, update databases, answer your phone, update your social media, do basic accounts administration, sales admin, and many more tasks. The list is endless.
Just think about your business day and how a VA could free you up so you can concentrate on what is important in your business. Remember a VA can be more flexible than an employee.

Who will use a virtual assistant?
A self-employed entrepreneur. A small business owner. Business people on the road. Just about anyone needing an extra pair of hands to get the job done.

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