Time ManagementTime Management

Having trouble with your time management?

We will teach you skills to organise your time and keep track of what is going on in your business in a time efficient manner.

Are To Do lists and Planning just things you try to avoid?

Easy! We don’t just teach you once but keep track of how you are going with our great follow-up techniques. We will also teach your staff the appropriate techniques as well.

Organising Your Office Space

Do you have too much furniture? Can you find things when you want to?

We will sweep through your office and re-organise everything including labelling, sorting and filing, everything in sight and all that is hidden too. It is amazing what a difference it can make to your office.
Clearing your space also cleanses your mind.

Filing and Paper-flow Systems

Once things get organised we can implement some good paper-flow systems so everything is tracked and completed. At the end of a good system is a great filing system that is Auditable, Archivable and of course every document is “Findable”!

Procedures and Processes

Are your procedures and processes documented?

Do your staff have clear instructions for all the tasks they are responsible for?

Do they also understand the roles and responsibilities of others who contribute to the completion of these tasks?

It is important that if another employee is absent that someone else can do what is needed to keep the office running efficiently and keep your customers happy.
If everything is documented in a procedure manual then there will be no issues arising from an absence.

job descriptionJob Descriptions

Once all procedures and processes are documented, the development of other documentation such as individual employee job descriptions will become easier and more concise. You can also then create KPI’s and start to track performance.

One improvement will lead to another.

You may also find that you would like to add another employee and we can facilitate that for you too.



Do you communicate with your staff on a regular basis?

Do they know what is going on in the business?

It is amazing how staff morale can be lifted through effective communication. We can help you set up meetings to start these communication meetings on a regular basis. Whether it is one-on-one or with a large group we can assist with the invitations, setting the agenda, and teaching you how to keep track of action items too.

accountability and follow upAccountability and Follow-up:

Are you thinking that all these time management skills have been taught to you before but they still didn’t revolutionise your diary?
That they all fell by the wayside at some point?

That is where Streamlined comes in.

We can help you track your time and make sure that the things you want to get done, get done. A little accountability is a good thing and after you have been using the new skills you’ve acquired through Streamlined, you will find that your new behaviours become habits and before you know it – you’re organised and meeting your short and long term objectives better than ever before!

Q1: How do I know if Streamlined can help me?

A1: Stop and ask yourself some questions…

  • Look at your desk right now and ask yourself if you know what is on it and when it will be completed? Is this causing you stress just looking at it? Is it costing you money? Contact me right now if you said No then Yes, Yes, Yes!!
  • Look around your place of business. Is it organised and clutter free?
  • If someone asked you right now for a particular file or document would you be able to put your hands on it within 30 seconds? If not, then you need us to re-do your filing systems!
  • Do you know what you will be achieving today or for the rest of the week for your business? If not, then you need our help with Time Management.
  • Do you have enough staff and/or are your staff performing to your expectations?
  • Can you open a folder and read the procedures you have in your office? No? Then contact us and we will make it all streamlined for you…

Basically, Streamlined can help you to streamline your business so you can stop working so much on the business and work to make it grow.
We look forward to hearing from you.